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Welcome to the 'Coming home' series:

Installment 74th-100th


I was back to Laos in the early fall of 1998. This 'Coming home' series is about my experiences and afterthoughts during that trip. It is consisted of 100 installments plus some other related things. Also, as appropriate, I will include pictures in some installments. Most of the pictures are not of a good quality since they are extracted from the camcorder. Anyway, they will add some visual to what some of my writings are referring to.

Please let me know what you think of the series. I would be greatly appreciated.

Kongkeo Saycocie

Three objectives about the series

There are three objectives writing about this series.

First, it is about my journey both physically and emotionally to my motherland, and I want to record this before my memory fails me.

Second, I want the readers to know what the new regime has done to Muang Lao not only in the tangible aspect but intangible as well. Good or bad, it is up to the readers to judge.

Third, I want to capture the beauty of my country, the hospitality of my people and, not the least, the Lao spirit that will never succumb to any odds happening to Quon Lao throughout the centuries.

Hopefully, my series 'Coming home' will come close to paying tribute to Muang Lao and Quon Lao in the end. If those objectives are accomplished, I would say I have done my job as a Lao patriot and as a true Luk Larn of the courageous and proud Chao Anou.

Born as a lion, it is a shame to hide under a shallow grass